Read what our client WorldHotels has to say

Dorian Wilson
Dorian Wilson
February 17, 2022
• 3 min read
Read what our client WorldHotels has to say

A great work experience for their employees is essential to their success

The global hospitality collection that now counts over 200 hotels in 113 iconic destinations, assists properties around the globe, with branding, marketing and online distribution. To keep up with the high paced hospitality industry and to maintain the level of quality to their clients, providing a great work experience for their employees is essential to their success

Please tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at WorldHotels.

"Hi, I'm Verena, I've been the Head of People & Culture at WorldHotels for almost a year now, but my history with the company goes years back, as I was previously a consultant for them with a small agency specializing in customer and employee experience."

Why is offering a workplace wellness solution important to you and your organisation?

"That’s simple: The the human body is not designed for sitting all day in front of a computer, but our business requires exactly that. It's not for nothing that they say, "sitting is the new smoking” and that’s quite true. At the office, we have some sort of control over the seating, the light, the chair and the height of the table. But where home office brought a lot of good things to our work life, stiff shoulders, back pains and headaches occur more frequently.

As an employer, we have the “duty of care” or rather “desire of care” and we take this seriously."

What were you looking for in such a solution?

"We all know what happens when the whirlwind of the daily business hits you at 100mph: you forget about yourself and get lost in emails and tasks. And even when we think about doing something for ourselves, the hurdle of getting up, getting changed and doing something that leaves us all sweaty is generally too high in todays work life. Plus, every person is different. Some might be morning persons, while others better perform in the afternoon.

So, we needed something easy of accessibility with low hurdles and offerings for all circumstances."

What convinced you about Yance Life?

"The platform is easily accessible and provides services for all types of employees: active and not-so-active, short activity for busy days and longer for quieter times. It’s one single platform that gives our employees access to all the wellness they need from any workplace.

They're also a start-up with young and driven people. They are constantly developing their offering and taking our feedback seriously. You can feel that they are as concerned about our people as we are. That’s why we decided for a fixed partnership after a pilot phase."

What do you like most about Yance Life?

"My absolute favourite is for sure the Power-Break section. It offers short interventions, which you can do seated at your desk, without leaving the session all sweaty. In just 10 minutes, you can get relief for your shoulders, back, neck and your whole body, without even getting up. The body needs this and the brain can re-settle."

More about WorldHotels:

WorldHotels™ Collection is a privately held hotel soft brand within the BWH Hotel GroupSM global network. Founded by independent hoteliers dedicated to the art of hospitality, WorldHotels offers one of the finest portfolios of independent hotels and resorts around the globe, expertly curated to inspire unique, life enriching experiences that connect people and places. WorldHotels is comprised of four unique collections, each with its own personality and style to appeal to the needs of today’s traveller. The collections include: WorldHotels Luxury, WorldHotels Elite, WorldHotels Distinctive and WorldHotels Crafted.

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