Our holistic employee
health & wellbeing concept

We believe that to be healthy and feel good, we must have an all-rounded approach. Building habits for the mind and the body with short, effective interventions. So that from anywhere, at any time, you can easily take a quality moment for yourself.

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Build the right habits

Power Breaks

Our signature concept: 5 to 15 minutes of sweat-free stretching sessions to be done from the desk. This concept created in partnership with physiotherapists and health professionals, targets areas such as the neck, back, shoulders and legs all without the need to get up from the desk or change clothes.

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Quick & Easy recipes


In partnership with nutritionists, we bring you a selection of healthy lunch options that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes with minimal skill. Each week you get a selection of our suggestions for the week.

Expert Guide: Employee Health Program for Hybrid & Remote teams

Are your teams working in a hybrid or remote environment and you're wondering what's the best way to implement an employee health program? In our free expert guide, we have summarised the steps to a successful employee wellness program for you.

Refresh & Recharge


Whether you’re looking for Yoga or Meditation, we’ve got you covered with our certified coaches here to guide you on the journey to body and mind awareness.

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Reset the body

Body Movement

Our body movement sessions focus on resetting the body after hours spent sitting at the desk. Created in partnership with health and fitness professionals, each session targets a specific part of the body or outcome: to strengthen the core, work your legs, get your heart beating or deep stretching.

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