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Your teams have adopted hybrid working or are fully remote? You want to make sure they're motivated and healthy? You now can with the Yance Life health app, by giving your employees the tools to take care of their health, de-stress, build healthy habits and support each other - all from one platform.

The all in one health and wellbeing platform for employees.
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The all-in-one health app for employees

We believe that to do good work, employees need to be healthy and feel good in their body and mind. With our holistic platform, your employees get access to hundreds of guided self-care coaching's, partake in challenges and cook speedy healthy lunches.

All of our coaching's are professionally created, made for the hybrid worker of today.

Expert Guide: Employee Health Program for Hybrid & Remote teams

Are your teams working in a hybrid or remote environment and you're wondering what's the best way to implement an employee health program? In our free expert guide, we have summarised the steps to a successful employee wellness program for you.

Building Team Cohesion with
Team Challenges

We know in the new hyrbid work environment that staying connected with your colleagues is harder than ever. Our challenges are designed to build and strengthen that feel good factor in your company.

Made with HR managers in mind

We provide you with the metrics that you need to make a proper assessment of your company wellness program. The dashboard allows you to easily evaluate your teams progress, understand how many sessions your teams have taken, for which type and how much time they've spent on Yance Life. Easily get access to relevant data in order to draw meaningful conclusions on the wellbeing of your teams.

Read what our client WorldHotels has to say

Our amazing client World Hotels is a happy customer! Read how they’ve been successfully using Yance Life to make their teams healthier, happier and more engaged.

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