To feel good from any workplace.

One platform to centralize & automate all wellness activities for your teams with daily live sessions, unlimited workouts, recipes, team challenges and more.


4 reasons why you should use Yance 

Get exclusive access to the yance life platform and start building healthy routines as a team


Access hundreds of online trainings with some of the best instructors. For Yoga, Full Body, Barre, HIIT & more as well as our signature sweat-free Power Breaks!

live sessions

Join our interactive live sessions with our trainers and experience getting healthy together. 

Team Challenges

Trigger team building through our team challenges. Choose from our set of pre built challenges or create your own!

Recipes for every day

50% of a healthy lifestyle depends on what we eat. Get inspired with our list of recipes and learn how to cook like a chef with our guided cooking sessions. 

Add some balance into your work-life with our holistic wellness approach

Fitness & Workouts

Keep your body moving with our selection of fitness sessions for every kind of body.

Exclusive live sessions & unlimited access to our library of recorded sessions for Yoga, Full Body, HIIT, Barre & more.

15 minute Power Breaks

Use our signature Power Breaks to recharge during the day from your desk.

These sweat-free desk routines will help you improve your posture and feel good throughout the day. We especially recommend doing them right after lunch!

Healthy recipes made for the home and the office

We know how hard it is to eat healthy, especially when working from home. We believe this starts with knowing what to prepare.

Follow our guided recipes with the shopping lists of what to buy.

Mindfulness & Motivation

Taking care of your body is essential but this starts with having the right mind set. 

Join our coaches to get into the right state of mind to build healthy habits!

Team Challenges to get healthy together!

Choose from our selection of pre-set challenges or create your own as a team!

First to 1000 mintues!

Who can do the most squats?!

First to 200 pushups!

 7 workouts in 7 days

Measure your progress

Measure your progress individually and overall as a company through comprehensive reports detailing engagement and achievements. 


What our customers are saying

“ Yance gives me the opportunity to stay fit at home and spend some time with people. I especially like the social approach, because you can see the trainers as well as the participants. This strengthens the community and increases my motivation to get up.”

Frank, Project Manager, myhotelshop

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